Tame your grizzly beard with coconut oil

Tame your grizzly beard with coconut oil

Is your beard a frizzy mess? Is your partner avoiding kissing you?

Let’s be honest, we adore beards! It’s manly and suits most men.

Of course, the fact that my first infatuation with Magnum PI’s Tom Selleck was largely due to his proud moustache may make me slightly biased, but this is another story. 

Beards and moustaches are great, but only if well taken care of. Nobody likes a stinky unkempt beard!

To make your beard soft, manageable and leave your partner wanting more, is very simple with a little coconut oil.

Just a few drops of CoccoMio coconut oil and you’ll transform your grizzly beard to a kissable teddy beard!

That’s right boys….all you need is just a little coconut oil to help keep your beard looking stylish and neat.

It also works wonders on the hair on your head…if you still have some 😉

CoccoMio, we’re just nuts about coconut and only the best will do!

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